The Tragedy of Things by Katharina Greve
more than 80 strips!!! >>>

For artists things have one great advantage: They are unable to run away – wich is also the fundamental tragedy of their existence.
Katharina Greve lives in Berlin as a cartoonist, author, artist and “designer of situations”
– together with many things. She won a ICOM-Prize 2010 for the best artwork with her very charming comic book "Ein Mann geht an die Decke" 2009, Die Biblyothek / Leipzig, which unfortunately was only published in german language:


The Pedestrian by Peter Blegvad
complete series 46 strips >>



In the future by Karstein Volle
50 strips >>>

Facts from the world by Karstein Volle
42 strips >>>
    Leroy & Dexter by Thomas Gilke
complete series , 111 Strips >>
The collection was published 2009 in Germany at avant-verlag.

    Grotesk by Olivier Texier
more than 60 Strips>>>
If you understand french, you can read more of this strips in a book (160 pages) published 2006 by at editions-humeurs.

Still Life, part 2 by Reinhard Schleining
NEW strip every monday >>>

part 1, 50 strips >>>

"Immersed in a world that is both hilarious and crazy, STILL LIFE pops us into ever more maddening bubbles of funny life ...
A printed collection of the strip series STILL LIFE you can order here.


Moresukine >>>
Dirk Schwieger lived in Tokyo 2006, had a comics blog where he had people dare him to try all sorts of different things, exotic, disgusting, revealing, whatever!
The comic was printed 2007 by the german edition reprodukt and 2008 at NBM-pubishing/US:
Library Journal: "Highly Entertaining. Amusing look at many aspects of life in Japan."