It was such a charming evening, darling!
Ulli Lust

Comic report from the legendary Kit Kat Club in Berlin, summer 2011.

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Ulli Lust
born 1967 in Vienna, lives in Berlin since 1995. She was drawing comicreports about daily life in berlin ("Fashionvictims, Trendverächter" published 2008 at avant-verlag/Berlin), historic comics or the erotic comicbookseries "springpoems", like "Airpussy" (employé du moi/Brussels 2009. Her prize winning graphic novel "Today is the last day of the rest of your life" was published in several international editons: avant-verlag/Berlin, 2009, Editions çà et là, 2010, La Cupula / Barcelona, 2011,  No comprendo press / Oslo, 2011, (Kolik Förlag /
Stockholm 2011, fantagraphics / US autumn 2012
The comic report about the fetish club was published in german language in the swiss magazin STRAPAZIN Nr 106.

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SKETCHBOOK from the fetish club >>

This e-book was provided by its author for free download, to read on the screen.