Ulisses Garcez

Another day stuck in traffic …
Going back home from work the time increases, with luck it takes one hour, one hour and twenty minutes. It's all very stressful.
There could be another way.
By motorcycle - I don't like motorcycles. Its very dangerous to sneak between cars.
By subway - No lines meet my needs.
By bike - No way, just crazy people ride bikes in São Paulo. Too dangerous. There is no room for them.
There is no way out …

Ulisses Garcez was born in São Paulo in 1979. 
Has studied Visual Arts at Universidade de São Paulo ( São Paulo University). 
Works as drawer/illustrator, visual artist, comic writer and teacher. In 2000 decade was publisher of "Sociedade Radioativa" comic magazine, one of the most representative publication in Brazil by the time.
Works and lives in São Paulo.


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