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Paolo Uccello - imaginary life
by Giacomo Nanni

Paolo is obsessed with studying perspective. He isn't interrested in anything else, and completely ignores the need to eat or drink, which naturally must sadden the narrator. In simple and naive looking drawings, Paolo Uccellos Dog tells about the, for him, alienating quirks of his owner, a 14th century painter. He's holding against him, echoed by Uccello's contemporaries: "This perspective ... I don't think it's that useful to painting. It makes you consider true things, that aren't true at all."
Giacomo Nanni is interrested in the effect of blowing up very tiny drawings. This principle he takes to another extreme here, and also says goodbye to "beautiful drawing" altogether.
Maybe especially for a comic about the life of a Renaissance painter, this choice in his picture writing seems to make perfectly sense. To represent the studies in perspective by the master painter, Nanni uses his former drawing style, which resembles old etchings.

Paolo Uccello (1397 - 1475)
is regarded today as the inventor of perspective painting.

A printed version of this story you can find in
"Canicola N° 4"
more books by Giacomo Nanni: "pelle d'oca" Coconino Press/Italien
"Storia di una che ando' in cerca della paura" Coconino Press/Italien

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