Tigerboy #01
von Oliver Grajewski

Tigerboy is an aesthetical product which is situated afar the classical piece of art work as well as the culture industrial produced stereo-type. The combination of text and drawing (similar to comics), a symbol for easily consumable pictures in the 20th century, is the consistent space for its picture-stories and anecdotes. It is a refusal to an unique work of art and to the "white cube" in which art has to function right today. On the other hand Tigerboy is not trying to compete with the standards of pictures produced by cultural industry. To a greater extent: in times of Industrial Lights and Magic and Nintendo Gameboy complex developed picture-worlds the comics for themselves are on retreat. The technological developments in the entertainment-industry is too expensive and too fast to
generate them somewhere else. Outside the existent cultural industry business, it is about to reconquer the garbage which has been left behind from all those industries and to fill them with content.
Tigerboy is the individual taking-over of the left property from mass culture.
(Jan Turowski, 1999 / Translation: Ning Wang, 2005)

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