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by Sacha Goerg

Sacha Goerg from Belgium takes us with him on his holidays in Indonesia. The air is thick, life is easy.
From the beach, you can see the small island "Rubiah".

"Hey, we could swimm to that island!"
"Em ... Don't you think, it's a bit far to swim?"


Sacha Goerg was born in Switzerland but has been living and working in Belgium for the last ten years. He started producing graphic novels of his own with friends: the SPON, a 24 pages comics that lasted for year had an issue every single week. In 2001, he started with other friends L'employè du Moi. This publishing house produced graphic novels but is also known as an early web publisher, showing at first online diaries on its website, using the media as a pre-publishing platform. The portal is now the publisher's active field of online productions. A part from participating in various anthologies, SachaGoerg made Bouture in 2003 and Rubiah in 2005. He his also active in the field of contemporary art.

A french version of "Rubiah"was published in 2005
by L'employè du Moi.


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