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Giacomo Monti

„You men are animals ... as long as she breaths ..." says Gabriella to Luca. They are observing an old alcoholic woman, on which their fellow waiter Beppe had cast an eye. Luca rejects this notion: „I´m not like this ... I mean, I am not like this now ... but who knows in then years ..." „Oh no, come on," Gabriella says, laughing.
But, secretly, Luca thinks: „I´m joking but I´m really scared about it."
Gabriella is beautiful, she's coming from Argentina, and doesn't fit at all in the crappy restaurant in which Luca, Marco, Roberto and Beppe are working.
Luca is far from being a hero, and the protagonists, whose names give titles to these three short stories, are just a few steps ahead of him in being pathetic.
With many small, scrawly panels Giacomo Monti achieves a congenial visualisation of this state of mind. He is a natural storyteller, fascinating especially by the relentlessness with which he looks at himself and his surroundings.

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