An old story
by Pina Chang

In a tropical village, at an uncertain time, an old woman, Mamita, lives her last moments.
She wanders into the jungle. A banana drifts above her head, like a little touch of madness.
In her house, a child is hanging on a wall, squeezed into a pocket.
The storm rises up.
Mamita hangs on nothing: she is kind of away from the world. Then, one day, she receives a letter.

The voices that punctuate the story are accounts of interweaved memory and imagination. They evoke some ancient narrative arts, the oral tradition : tale, rumour, mobile theatre.
A trance state medium goes on stage and plays Mamita's acts. Meanwhile, images also show something different. Where does fantasy start ? What should be believed ?

It is a story of legacy, disappearence, and renunciation as well. The story of an old woman, an old story that happens everyday.


Pina Chang, born 1982 in Panama. Studied fine arts at the European School of Image of Angoulême, France. Once graduated, she has been working at the Comic strip center of Helsinki, Finland, and then came back to France where she now lives and works. Shorter stories can be found in Kuti kuti, Modern Spleen, Ufoja Lahdessa, Kultur&Gespenster.

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