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In these woods
we are Ewok Kings

by Kolbeinn Karlsson

In a log cabin deep in the forest, the two identical muscle men are working on some sort of dance routine. Their bodies and minds seem to be tuned into perfection.
Meanwhile, a strange bird-like creature is collecting sticks, watching their every move with great interest.

In these woods we are Ewok Kings
is a Queer love story, where i took the liberties to explore the notions of masculinity. The two muscle men in the story are leaving the safe confines of human society, and are just on the verge of deconstructing everything that made them men. Traditionally masculine traits like Beards and big muscles suddenly gain a new meaning, when they are ripped out of context. And enveloped by the huge primordial forest, they suddenly realize that not only have they changed themselves into entierly new beings: The laws of biology itself have been turned upside down.