Regina Jonas - Woman Rabbi
Elke R. Steiner

The first woman to be ordained as a Rabbi, a teacher and scholar of the jewish religion, was the Regina Jonas in Berlin 1935.
Because of Nazi persecution, many rabbis emigrated or were expelled, and many small communities were without rabbinical support. This might have been the main reason for her ordination, for which she had fought since years.
Regina Jonas was murdered in Auschwitz 1944.


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Elke R. Steiner: Comic illustrator, was born 1971 in Bremen. She studied arts and visual communication in Münster/ Westfalen. Since 2000 Elke R.Steiner lives and works in Berlin. A focus of her comics is on German-Jewish history. They have been published by Reprodukt, Deutsches Ärzteblatt, edition panel,
Jüdische Allgemeine  and others.
"Regina Jonas - Woman Rabbi" was first published 2011 by Habitus: A Diaspora Journal
(Credits: Rabbi Elisa Klapheck, Dr. Frauke Dettmer.
Translation: Edna McCown

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