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The circus burns
Lino Wirag

(The circus burns) is a lighthearted and humoresque story about the lion LÖWE, the seal ROBBY and the clown PIPPO fleeing from their dictatorlike circus dompteur and his brutal guarddog BRUTUS. Soon they stumble into manifold adventures, get caught by spiders and have to help a village of skunks to get rid of two unwanted, wellknown imposterors.

The 4-panel-compositions cite the classical newspaper strip, but combine the episodic plot to a larger story arc. The drawings are rendered in a simplicstic, trondheimesque style, with decisively black and white areas. The light, sometimes hillariously plain humour can be enjoyed by adults and younger readers alike.

Lino Wirag
born 1983, is a German author and cartoonist. He was born in Pforzheim, studied in Freiburg, Hildesheim and Uusikaarlepyy and lives in Munich. His (rather different) works appear in newspapers and magazines such as Titanic, BELLA triste and Die Welt. In 2008 he was granted the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg scholarship for a novel project, but made the final round in the PROSANOVA poetry competition.
His recent book Pizzazwerge, Brombier, Mädchenbrei (ISBN 978-3-9811490-1-2) contains 100 grotesque stories and drawings and can be purchased via