Leroy & Dexter
Thomas Gilke
134 pages, 4 colors,
14,5 cm x 23,5 cm hardcover
2009 (Germany)

For the printed versions of some e-books please contact the publishers:

A l'Horizon Chihoi (french): Atrabile
Again an example ...(without words) Paz Boira: fremok
A hero indeed (finnish with engl. subtitels) Ville Ranta: huuda huuda
Airpussy (without words) Ulli Lust: employe-du-moi.org
Alien in Russia Marko Turunen, Short story published in the serial: "Ufos in Lathi" (finnish with english subtitles): Daada Books
Ars simia naturae (without words) Frederic Coche: L'Ceil du Serpent
BIG FAT BO (swedish) Lars Sjunnesson: Ordfront Galago Förlag
Canicola 1 - 5   (Anthology, italian& english) Andrea Bruno, Michelangelo Setola, Giacomo Monti, Giacomo Nanni, Amanda Vähämäki: canicola
Canimus (without words) Knut Larsson: Kartago Förlag
City of Crokodiles (without words) Knut Larsson: Kartago Förlag
Grotesk, Stripcollection by Texier Olivier (french): edition humeurs
Iceberg, Michel Hellman: Colosse (Canada)
IO (Anthology, italian, english) with Marijpol, Johanna Creutzberg: Mami Verlag
Influenza (without words) Ulrich Scheel: edition flbl
Kohlenhof (german) Anke Feuchtenberger: Reprodukt
Kunsttheorie versus ... (german) Nicolas Mahler: Reprodukt
Land (without words) Kai Pfeiffer
Mammoth Book of Best War Comics, (english) Collection,
with Ulli Lust: Carroll & Graf/New York
Marijpol, different copied books: marijpol.blogspot.com
Moresukine (english) Dirk Schwieger: NBM
Nordpol (german with english subtitles), Edda Strobl & Helmut Kaplan, tonto-comics
Ok, Griechenland (german), Fab
Owls (Norwegian) Martin Ernstsen: Jippi Comics
Ostberlin (german/englishmix) Lars Sjunnesson: Direkte Aktion
People Not Seen (german) Teil 1, Dirk Schwieger: eigen-heim
Riffles (italian & english) Andrea Bruno canicola
Rubiah by Sacha Goerg (in french): L'employè du Moi.
Still life, Papa (chinese & english) Chihoi Lee: Wheatear publishing company limited
Tigerboy #01 - #15 (german) Oliver Grajewski: skalien.de
Tigerboy #16 - #19 (german, some in english) Oliver Grajewski: verbrecherverlag
The Troll King (english) Kolbeinn Karlsson, Top shelf (US)
The Storyteller (german language), M. Mathias >>>
Tonto Comics magazine (german) Helmut Kaplan, Michael Jordan, Edda Strobl >>>
The Trap, by Olivier Schrauwen,
was published in the finnish anthology glömp (with english subtitles)
Urban elphes (without words) Kai Pfeiffer


Heute ist der letzte Tag vom Rest Deines Lebens
Ulli Lust
464 pages, 2 colors
17 x 23 cm, softcover
avant-verlag (Germany)

29,95 euro


Ulli Lust
without words
40 pages, 2 colors
18cm x 19 cm


9,50 euro


Still Life
Strip series by Reinhard Schleining
124 page, english language
£ 15,- pounds
order here.

Ulrich Scheel
78 pages without words, 15,5x21cm, black & white, softcover, edition flblb (France)

12,- euro

Kai Pfeiffer
32 pages, without words,
21x14cm, black & white,
monogatari, 2004
(Germany) 6,- euro
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Lars Sjunnesson
24 pages, text in german and english mix, 16x16cm, black & white,
Direkte Aktion 2005


3,50 euro